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    Fun and safe rides with high income

    These high quality Bumper Boats are produced in our own factory to the highest international standards and brought to the world wide market under the brand name: Barcachoc©. Built for the amusement industry for over 30 years, it has brought joy to kids all around the world. All the parts for the productions are made in Europe and assembled in Sweden. Easy to use for the children who only need to steer the bumper boat. The ride is stable and safe, the kids love the animal shaped front of the boats. The BarcaChoc© bumper boats are constructed so they are easy to use for the operators, no connectors that break, and the motor operates above the surface of the water to prevent it from getting water damage. The bumper boats are supplied complete with pools of different sizes, as well as with palace decor as an option.

  • The return on your investment

    Normally, children’s rides are set to last for 3 minutes, and this is the length of time we recommend for your Bumper Boats. Many children stay on the boat for a second (or third) ride but, otherwise, it will take 30 seconds for one child to disembark from the boat and another child to embark.

    For the purpose of this exercise, we therefore assume that each ride PLUS changeover time will be 3,5 minutes. We recommend that the Bumper Boat tokens will be sold for € 2.
    (or 3 tokens for €5).

    Each boat is capable of making 17 rides per hour (including necessary changeover time). Therefore, with each boat you make 17 rides x € 2 earning € 34 per hour per boat.

    @ 34 €uro
    per hour per boat
    Operating 4 boats
    Operating 6 boatsOperating 10 boats
    Total in 1 hour€ 136€ 204€ 340
    Total in 4 hours€ 544€ 816€ 1360
    Total in 100 hours€ 13600€ 20400€ 34000

    Your direct operating costs are minimal. The whole attraction can be run by one individual Maintenance costs are very low as all maintenance can be carried out by this one individual.

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